How legal literacy is helpful in making a responsible citizen?

Literacy is the base for receiving information, knowledge and training in building skills. Legal literacy deals with the information about legal provisions and processes. It is an elementary knowledge of law. It does not deal with the expert knowledge of an advocate.

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Need for Legal Literacy in India

1. It makes people aware about the political set-up of our country.


2. It tells them about the constitutional and legal rights and about our actions and social behaviour.

3. It warns us about the crime, and punishable activities under law.

4. Legal Literacy helps in seeking legal remedies against exploitation and injustice.

5. It makes us aware of several laws which have been enacted for the welfare protection and security of the citizens.


6. It makes us responsible person of a civil society.

7. It also helps in making just and orderly society where every one lives with honour and dignity.

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