How to choose your profession ?

While choosing your profession give attention to the below given points.


(1) Different professions and preparations for them

(2) Need of choice


(3) No career should be thrust upon a young man

(4) No problem of choice in the past but it is acute now

(5) Necessary elements to be taken into consideration


(6) Right choice is a boon for life

(7) Conclusion

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Choosing a particular career for one’s life requires a certain amount of cool thinking and planning. There are some very important factors which should be taken into consideration in this matter.

Everybody has to take to some particular vocation to earn his livelihood. There are many vocations such as medicine, law, engineering, films, high governmental or executive posts, trade, commerce and industry. There are a number of crafts as well. All these require a certain degree of technical, expert and professional knowledge. One cannot plunge into any of these at random. Such a rash step is sure to result in disappointment.


There is no denying the fact that a well-considered plan should be chalked out to achieve a definite aim. A student who carries on his studies without any pre-thought aim is like a rudderless ship that must strike against some hidden rock or get struck in shallow waters.

All men are not competent to do every job well that is entrusted to them. Talents and potentialities differ. Some persons find a great interest in science while others like literary field. Again some fare well in industry, but may prove an utter failure in the study of literature. Spirit, enthusiasm and idealism suffer a great deal when a person fails to fare well in career thrust upon him by force of circumstances. Moreover, certain professions demand some skill, training, dexterity and experience without which one is sure to meet failure. Then a certain profession may not suit the mental make-up, temperament and taste of an individual. Hence it is incorrect to presume that all those who study medicine or law will necessarily prove to be successful doctors and lawyers. The same thing holds good in the case of engineering and the cinema.

In the days gone by the choice of profession was not a problem at all, because there was no cut-throat competition of the modern time. In those days people has limited needs. There were traditional vocations in each family and the younger generation received training in that vocation at home. But now the situation has completely changed. This is an industrial age. With the develop­ment of industry, science and technology our needs have increased many times. There are no traditional vocations. The joint family system has broken down. The age of specialization has come. There is hard competition in every sphere of life. Without expert knowledge one cannot enter into any profession. The question of a careful selection of a profession has, therefore, become all the more important.

Choice of profession is not a child’s play or a matter of one’s likes and dislikes. There are many relevant factors which should be carefully Considered before reaching a conclusion in this regard. Interest in the vocation is the foremost element to be taken into consid­eration in making a choice of profession. A man without any interest is sure to fail in any profession. The result is likely to be disappointing if a man of literary bent of mind is forced or allowed to enter the engineering line. Mental capability and grasp over the subject are two other important factors, which should govern the selection of a suitable profession. Lack of these elements is unlikely to deliver goods. Medicine, engineering and law are professions which need a high standard of mental caliber. Another important factor in this regard is the financial position of the person concerned. Training and course of certain professions require longer period of time and larger amount of money. A neglect of this aspect may result in leaving the project mid-way.

It is, indeed, a difficult task to make the right choice of a career in our country where poverty, unfavorable circumstances and chance play vital role in determining the future profession. Hundreds of talented youths gifted with creative genius rot in clerical jobs under the force of necessity and circumstanc­es. Hence, choice of right profession occupies a very important place in one’s life. A correct choice may make one’s life happier and future brighter while a wrong choice may make one’s life miserable. One must be so mature as to make an important decision of choosing a career. Naturally the parents should take it upon themselves to give well considered guidance to their wards.

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