How to improve your concentration?

Concentration of the attention is one of the top secrets of supremacy and power. All achievements in the world, whether in the field of art, literature, history, science or military victories, are based on the power of attention or concentration. Concentration is that state of mind in which the entire energies of the individual, physical as well as mental, are focused upon the thing which he wants to do or is doing.

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It involves keeping all actions and thoughts, nor relevant to the activity at hand, out of his mind. This way, he or she can focus on the task at hand. Without concentration, many a physical feats, such as walking on a thin rope, or acrobatic work out, as well as juggling and balancing, are just not possible. In such task, utmost concentration, is of the highest importance. Even the slightest wandering of the mind from the work in hand is capable of destroying success and can lead to disastrous consequences.

Even our muscular performance is controlled by concentration. Concentration is the most important intellectual habit of people who succeed in life. It is, simply bringing all your mental forces and faculties, to bear steadily, on a given centre or an objective, without deviating, from the exact point, and to hold steadily all your power on the central thing under consideration, without a second, of wavering.


If we want to learn concentration, we should make it a habit to concentrate on all what we do or want to do. We should make it a practice of doing one thing at a time. One of the best aids to concentration, is being relaxed. By being tensed and keyed up, we waste our nervous energy. Even students are advised complete test before any examination. Quite often our relaxation before a big task, determines our success or failure. Continual stress and strain, high tension without periodical relaxation is responsible for a lot of chronic fatigue and nervous breakdown. Even if there is no nervous break down, our performance in that condition is not only substandard but is totally unacceptable even to our inner self.

Different people relax in different ways and each person’s method of relaxation or complete rest is unique in its own way. I personally find, that for me the best way to relax is read a book of jokes or some other light reading or watch a comedy.

We cannot concentrate on any problem, or issue, if our mind is cluttered with hurry, worry, and fear, which are poisons and handicaps. Not only those poisons need to be thrown overboard, but also anything, or any person, troubling and disturbing your serenity and peace of mind.

We need a clean mental state, every day, to write upon, though some people have developed their mental poise so well that they can work on their problems in any condition of noise, traffic and other tumult.


It is vital, to make condition, of our concentration, on any task or issue, as favorable as possible. Even under the best of circumstances, concentration is difficult enough. But a quite place free from all uproar, distractions, interruptions and noise is conducive to concentration. Both as a student and a Government official, I realized that if I had to concentrate, on studies or any other given problem, a quite place, free from any commotion, disruption or disorder was of tremendous help.

Only a clutter free place, with a pleasing environment, is essential, not only for the beginners, but for a large majority of people, for their creative working and thinking. Highest degree of concentration is required for producing master pieces or for mastering subjects and excelling in them.

Atmospheric environment requirements differ from persons to person, I, for example, prefer to work in a controlled temperature, preferably at about 22 degree C, and relaxing in an easy chair or sofa, with my laptop in my lap. When I am working, I make it a point to switch off the television, DVD as well as my mobile phones, I allow all phone calls at that time to go into the answering machine. As other people phone me up, at their own convenience, so also I speak to them, at the time best suited to me. This way, I am able to retain my concentration on the task which matter most to me.

There are others, who like to sit in a park or under a tree or on their bed. It is upto each one of us to choose our best place for concentration. Btu generally the best work has been done is solitude.


The best way to concentrate is to determine in advance, on what you should concentrate. When you should concentrate. When you start your work without a plan, chances are that you might get caught in routine and insane activities, like answering a ringing phone or picking up any magazine or newspaper lying on the table, or checking emails, or just eating snacks, even if you had a full meal.

Some people allow themselves and their minds to be pulled in several directions, because they have no goals to achieve or no important task to do. Before starting your day, you must decide your schedule for the day and what is the most important task, or task you are going to concentrate on. You must make a clear plan of action beforehand. Without n objective or an aim, you will find yourself sidetracked and preoccupied by a variety of irksome and distressing diversions and feelings.

By formulating a blueprint, you can resolve, as to, where you would like to assign your mental energy, instead of allowing it to be dispersed haphazardly and aimlessly. Our daily schedule, should aid us in focusing our mind, steadily on one thing at a time and in the sequence best suited to us. This way, we can eliminate any possible confusion. A plan of working is a superb aid in keeping our mind concentrated on the things that matter most to us.

The quality and quantity of our work and the final output depends not only on the hard work we put into it, but also on out ability to concentrate. No matter how hard to we put into it, but also on our ability to concentrate. No matter how hard to we try, we cannot excel in our work and productivity, unless we concentrate.

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