How to Draft a Legal Affidavit in India for opening a Bank Account

Do you want to open a Bank Account and you don’t have your Voter Identity Card ? Do you want to draft a Legal Affidavit and sign it from your local Notary ? If Yes, then this article is for you. Yesterday the State Bank of India asked me to submit my Voter Identity Card, 2 Passport size photographs along with the application form for opening a new account in their bank.

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But currently I don’t have my voter identity card. So one of the alternative they suggested is to draft an affidavit in the Notary mentioning therein my identity. Let me tell you how I drafted my Affidavit and then successfully opened my Bank Account.

An affidavit can be best defined as a statement under oath usually designed to be used for a legal proceeding or event. It is a written statement made under oath by the person who signs the statement.



  • First of all, Give a Good Title to your affidavit. For example “Affidavit Smrutisikha Singh [insert your name]”
  • At the very first paragraph of the document identify your full name such as “My Name is Smrutisikha Singh”
  • The document should then recite that you are appearing before a notary public, who identify you and administered you the other for the purpose of making the affidavit.
  • Then state your legal age.
  • Then state the facts that you are swearing to. This is essentially your testimony. Because an affidavit is the equivalent of testimony in court, it is extremely important to tell the truth and to be accurate.
  • Then go to the Notary and request him to witness your signature and execute the document indicating that it was provided after the oath was administered. An advocate signature is also required on the affidavit.

Affidavit Template

Before the Notary Public, Rajasthan



I Smt. Smrutisikha Singh aged about 27 yrs. w/o. Sangram Singh at: YOUR ADDRESS, Dist: YOUR DISTRICT do hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows:-

That I am the deponent as well as the permanent resident of above noted address.

That I have not my Election (Voter) Identity Card with me and I am the bonafide person of above noted address.

That I swear this affidavit to be produced before the concerned Bank to open a new Bank account.


That the facts stated above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Identified by


The above named deponent being identified by that the facts are true to the bests of our knowledge.


Dt. 5.2.10

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