How to give Medical Emergencies to a child ?

The average house in like a mine-field for a small child. Children are inquisitive. They are out to see, touch and taste whatever comes their way. They walk, run and climb to investigate everything, everywhere with no sense of danger. Many things may appear harmless to an adult but they can cause a major tragedy in the house. Despite safety precautions, accidents and medical common injuries occur as a result of accidents, burns, falls, poisoning, drowning and swallowing objects. Until the child gets medical treatment, the parents are called upon to provide relief.

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If after an injury a child becomes unconscious, he must be kept breathing. Give him mouth to mouth respiration about 20 times a minute. The second most important step is to stop bleeding. Bleeding from the hand, foot or leg stops sooner if the part is kept elevated. Press on the wound firmly with a clean cloth. The stitches, if necessary, must be put within 24hours of the injury. A tetanus Booster is necessary in case of deep cuts.

A fall on the head is a common injury. A swelling on the skull does not mean anything serious if there are no other symptoms. Injuries to the wrist, ankle or knee may be either a fracture or sprain. Such injuries need an X-ray. Swelling may be kept down by ice-cold sponging.


A burn can be caused by fire, hot-liquid, chemicals or electric current. Only small, superficial burns can be treated at home. The affected part may be placed under cold water or ice paracetamol to relieve pain. Contact with electricity can cause unconsciousness or even stop the child’s heart beat. First break the contact with the electric source with a broom or plastic tube or a stick. Keep the child warm with a blanket and send for the doctor.

Children often swallow buttons, small coins etc. These pass through the system harmlessly. If the child starts choking, the first thing is to clear the blockage. Let the child cough till the object is thrown out.

In case of poisoning, preserve the container and read the writing on it. If a child has taken caustic soda of pesticide, do not make him vomit. Give him sips of cold water or milk to cool the burns. Dangerous substances include cigarette, boric acid, nail polish remover, perfume and furniture polish.

Deep water is not necessary for a child to drown. He can drown even in a bath tub., So never leave him on his stomach for 10 seconds with hip a foot higher than the head. If the child is unconscious, give him mouth-to mouth respiration. Finally, take him to a doctor.

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