How to write a good Hindu wedding invitation Card?

It happened with me. And I think it must have happened with all the elder son of the typical Hindu family. Recently my own Uncle Marriage date was coming near and thus we have many things to be done and that too is the most perfect way. The basic preparation for the marriage ceremony begins with a lot of shopping, interiors decoration, cooking, ritual ceremonies, family get-together, planning and budgeting etc. But the most important work is to prepare and print a good wedding invitation cards within the budget. Moreover the so prepared invitation cards should be 100% accurate along with an attractive cover design. We belong to Hindu undivided “Rajput” family. And when the marriage ceremony comes near, our all the relative community gets-together to celebrate the said occasion. Anyhow the task of printing and distribution of the wedding invitation cards is assigned to me. I knew that if any mistake or error occurs then I will be definitely blamed by all. As I didn’t find any old invitation cards in my house of allied disciplines to copy it’s inner text, I took the help of internet and at last prepared the below template.

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A typical wedding card template: (Names and date has been changed for privacy.)



With the divine grace of Lord Ganesha

Request the honor of your presence to grace the auspicious occasion of the marriage ceremony of my younger brother

Ayushman Suyrajeet
(Youngest son of the late Mr. Biswajeet Singh & Mrs. Sasmita Singh)

Ayushmati Smrutisikha
(Beloved daughter of Mr. Dhinrendra Pratap Singh)


of Rajput Colony, Udaipur on Sunday the 7th December 2008.

With Best Compliments From

Mrs.Deeptimayee Singh & Mr. Raghubir Singh
(All Relatives and friends of Rajput family)

06.12.08 (Saturday)


07.12.08 (Sunday)

Baranugramana and Panigrahana at evening 5.00 pm
Reception (10.12.08)
8pm onwards

(Royal Palace)
At: Udaipur, Rajasthan

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