How to write an Effective Reports ?

When managers receive effective reports, you can see the satisfaction on their faces. On the first page they have a concise summary of the whole report: the purpose, the methodology, the major facts, the conclusions these facts lead to, and the action recommended: all this one page.

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Of course, they will read the full report according to their leisure, necessity and in interest: but within two minutes they have the heart of the report because of the one page summary.

An effective report has seven parts in the following order:

IntroductionSummary of Steps 1-5 right on top
MethodologyCredential, manner of collecting data
BodyFacts unearthed or documented
ConclusionMeaning of those facts
RecommendationsAlternatives and action recommended
AppendixTables, less relevant information

If you want to put life into you organization, then submit effective reports and don’t forget the one-page summary on top.

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