Main Differences between Line Organisation and Staff organisation in Office Management

The oldest and simplest form of organisation is line origination. Line functions are those which have direct responsibility for accomplishing the objective of the enterprise. In this form of organisation, a supervisor exercise direct supervision over a subordinate, under the organization, authority flows from the person at the top to the person at the lowest of the organisation. Here the chief executive leads the organisation. This form of organisation is otherwise called military organisation or scalar type of organisation.

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The concept of staff organisation was developed by F.W Taylor, who was called as the father of scientific management. The object of functional origination is to provide specialist services in the organizational set-up. Under this plan, specific functions common to all the operative departments are placed in the hands of a special qualified person. The job of line foreman is divided into:

  • Preparation of work under the charge of the gang boss.
  • Supervision of the machine under the charge of speed boss.
  • Inspection of quality under the charge of Inspector.
  • Maintenance under the charge of repair boss.
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