My Idea about Happy Life – Short Article

The word happiness is relative and it varies in terms of personal belief and experience. According to me a Happy Life is something that helps me to be content from my inner self. As depicted earlier, happiness varies in terms of personal belief, I believe in the happiness that not only satisfies me, but also makes my near and dear ones feel good.

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An important object of happiness is sacrifice. We must sacrifice something or the other to see our closed ones happy. According to me it is very important to prioritize whom we want to make happy and how important it is to sacrifice something for that. For example, I love my mom and I also love to smoke, but my mom does not want me to smoke at all. In this case, I need to decide what can make me more happy- smoking, or my mom’s happiness that she gets if I quit smoking. For me, second option would make me happy. In this case, I need to sacrifice smoking. If someone opts to have the first option, he has to sacrifice his mom’s happiness to be happy.

A Happy Life, in a nutshell, is a life of our choice, and it’s our choice that makes us what we are.



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