Essay on Political Gimmicks or Jugglery

It is said that politicians in India indulge in various kinds of gimmicks or jugglery. Let us Evaluate India’s political scenario in the light of this view.

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The politicians in India are very clever and manipulative but they are not a respected lot. Most of them at times, indulge in political gimmicks or jugglery to secure vote bank. Making promises, giving assurances, using round about expressions, starting controversies at opportune times, criticism opponents’ every move, denying serious allegations, pleasing alliance partners by hook or crooks, wooing new partners, dumping old ones if no longer useful, setting up committees on serious affairs to diffuse a volatile situation and adoption populist measures like giving subsides, free electricity, loan waivers, interest cuts, tax concessions, etc may be included in political gimmicks, though the list of endless.

It may appear easy, but surviving in Indian polities is a Herculean task. As a politician you are always on your opponents’ radar. It is like a game of chess, where rival players are making elaborate plans and maneuvers for a checkmate. No wonder that the careers of many promising politicians have ended without flourishing presumably due to one wrong move or two. In U.P. no Chief minister has been able to complete a full term because of constant leg pulling and other manipulative forces at work all the time. Other States are little better. Some stalwarts like L.K. Advani have remained ‘Prime-Minister-in-waiting’ while comparatively low profile leaders like L.K. Gujral and Deve Gowda have tested the fruits of prime ministerial chair. if Indira Gandhi rued her decision to impose an emergency in the country. Rajiv Gandhi was haunted by Bofors deal, Jagjivan Ram and Natwar Singh proved vulnerable owing to the alleged excesses of their sons. The opponents were quick to pounce on these reputed politicians.


Life of a politician in India is not a smooth sailing. One mistake, and out you go. Sometimes history gives you second change, sometimes it does not. The more skillful you are in using gimmicks the longer stint you are likely to enjoy. Indian polities is a place where you should know that your every move will be criticized by the detractors. howsoever good the budget, the opposition will call it rubbish.

However, it is heartening to note that all is not hunky dory in Indian politics. There are occasions when your knowledge, acumen, poise and patience are adequately rewarded. Dr. Manmohan Singh was grilled over Indo-US nuclear deal, not only by opposition but some of his coalition partners. But the majority of parliamentarians showed a respect for his stature as an economist and international recognition of his honesty and clean image, and voted against the no-confidence motion moved by the Left against his Government. He sailed through to be chosen as India’s Prime Minister for a second term in the general election.

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