Precis writing exercises on Self reliance


Well, then, learn to regard yourselves kings of circumstances. It is true that circumstances often make the man, but it is also true that man often makes circumstances. That being the cause, the better plan in life is to work so as to create and influence circumstances and not to allow yourselves to be depressed by defeat or obstacles. Take courage, be hopeful in all your undertakings and act in a mainly self-restraint spirit. He who does so alone succeeds. Man who advocated great reforms and undertook to make their people great, began to be under the great difficulties but in the end they triumphed, because they had faith without relying on the others for help. And hence it is that we are so often told and told very truly—that faith can move mountains. Bear in mind my younger friends; and from now, when you are young and can more easily acquire good habits than when you grow to be man, begin to acquire.

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Main Points :


1. Man instead of being controlled by circumstances should control himself.

2. He should not be disheartened by failures and difficulties.

3. Great men who achieved success had to overcome hardships.

4. Man should have full faith in himself, and in his work.


5. While young he should develop the habit of self-reliance or self-dependence.

Precis: Man should not allow himself to be controlled by circumstances. He should conquer them himself. He should not feel disheartened by defeat or hindrances. He should do his work with courage and self-reliance and like great reformers and great men. He will overpower difficulties and will succeed. While young men should develop the spirit of self-reliance.

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