Precis writing in English – Exercise on The secret of Napoleon’s success


The mystery of Napoleon’s career was this, that under all difficulties and discouragements, he pressed on. It solves the problem of all heroes, it is the rule by which to weigh rightly all wonderful success and triumphs, marches to fortune and genius. It should be the motto of all, old and young, high and low, fortunate and unfortunate so called. Never despair; never be discouraged, however stormy the heavens, however dark the way, however great the difficulties, and repeated the failures. If fortune has played false with you today, it will play true to yourself tomorrow. If your riches have taken wings and left you, do not weep your life away, but be up and doing and retrieve the loss by new energy and new action. If an unfortunate bargain has deranged your business, do not fold your arms, and give up all as lost; but stir yourself, and work all the more vigorously.

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Precis : The secret of Napoleon’s success in life was that despite failure and difficulties, he did not feel disheartened but continued going ahead bravely. So, to do great things in life, people should not allow themselves to be depressed by unfavorable circumstances. They should stand firm and try to recover what has been lost.


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