Essay on Getting the Best Out of your Life

“As we sow, so shall we reap” is a familiar saying to all of us. Accordingly, to reap success, we must sow the correct seeds and perform the correct deeds at the right time.You get out of the life according to what you give to it. You are the master of your fate and maker of your destiny. If we want the good things in life we must work for them. The good things in life can be yours, if you have a truly strong motivation for achieving them. Whatever is there in your power to do, do it with all your might. We become like that on which our hearts are fixed. A champion puts all he has into every punch.

A to Z of a better life

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Make the best use of your talents and assets. if have all the ability in the world, but keep it under cover, you are like the merchant who keeps his stock in the back room, out of sight and so out of the customer’s mind. Don’t hide behind a bushel basket your plus points subtly and skillfully. Use showmanship, but don’t just be show-off. If you are smart, you won’t try to appear smart. ‘Don’t brag, don’t act superior, and don’t try to be a know-all. If you speak well of yourself, others will think you are boasting and if you speak ill of yourself they will believe it. So just don’t talk about yourself. He goes farthest who tread softly.

Just enough to get by in not enough to get ahead. Drive out the tried felling. A tried person cannot generate enthusiasm. Make your work agreeable and enjoyable. Convert work into a game. Enthusiasm, joy, and interest in what we are doing are great energizers. Learn to get a kick from whatever you do. Doing the ordinary can become an extraordinary experience producing extraordinary results. What turns the ordinary into extraordinary is the extra you put into it. If you do the ordinary thing with extraordinary enthusiasm or introduce into the ordinary some unusual skill or original contribution of your own to achieve better and greater output, you will definitely overtake others.


How an individual does and what he or she does, determines whether he or she will get out of it maximum results with minimum investment of energy, resources and time. The how-to-work constitutes its techniques. It is truly the know-how. In other words, technique or know-how ensures superior results out of using the same amount of effort skill-fully.

Nothing, literally nothing, great was ever achieved without toil, dedication and enthusiasm. The best way to rise above the crowd is to do the ordinary thing with extraordinary enthusiasm. When enthusiasm sags, work harder. Work itself feeds enthusiasm by which it is in itself improved. Action awakens interest and enthusiasm. Your hands at work will rouse your heart to back them. The one and only sure answer to lethargy is labour. be thy labour great or small; do it well or not at all. One thing at a time and that done well is wisdom’s proven rule to crown yourself with success and glory.

Surendra Kumar Sachdeva

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