Radiation hazards and its impact on human health

There is no control on natural sources of radiation but earnest efforts can be made to decrease the level of pollution from anthropogenic sources. Preventive measures from radiation can be achieved by following the measures mentioned as follows:


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(I) Nuclear devices should be exploded underground.

(II) Contaminants may be employed to decrease the radioactive emissions.


(III) Production of radio isotopes should be minimised.

(IV) Extreme care should be exercised in the disposal of industrial wastes contained with Radionuclides.

(V) Use of high chimney and ventilations at the working place where radioactive contamination is high.

(VI) In nuclear reactors, closed cycle coolant system with gaseous coolants of very high purity may be used to prevent extraneous activation products.


(VII) Fission reactions should be minimised.

(VIII) In nuclear mines, wet drilling may be employed along with underground drainage.

(IX) Nuclear medicines and radiation therapy should be applied when absolutely necessary and earth minimum doses.

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