Should Cell Phones be allowed in Schools?

Among all the modern electronic gadgets, the most common is a cell phone. It has become an integral part of modern man’s life. Almost everyone, is using it. This wide usage of cell phones creates a big problem especially while they are being used by school going children. some State governments put a ban on the usage of cell phones in schools because they help in the perpetration of certain very unhealthy activities.

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Usage of cell phones in schools has both positive and negative sides. Cell phone is the best source for those parents who remain worried for the safety and security of their children. But there have been reports about the disorders and dysfunctions caused by the cell phones. They may be used for cheating in examinations, defaming, creating pornographic content, organizing criminal activities etc. Beside it, usages of cell phones also gives medical problems like loss of hearing, brain problems and many more. Some serious steps should be taken for this problem. Cell phone may be used once out side the school but should be banned in school hours.


It is always fun to use new electronic gadgets. The most common among them is a cell phone. Some decades ago it was hard to imagine that we could contact a person while walking on the road, shopping in the market, doing exercise in a gym, traveling in a bus, car, train etc. But with the help of cell phones it have become possible now. Six to seven years back, the prices of cell phones were so high that middle class people could not even think of having them. But nowadays they have become cheaper and affordable. Now cell phones are being used by everyone from a businessman to a vegetable vendor. In some families each member has a cell phone. Even school going children are using the. This wide usage of cell phones specially by school children created a lot of fuss.

Some State governments took a major step and put a ban on the use of cell phones in schools and colleges. It was felt by them that cell phones helped in the perpetration of certain very unhealthy activities that could have serious socio-psychological ramifications. Nowadays whether cell phones should be allowed in schools or not becomes a moot topic.

Generally parents are much concerned about the safety and security of their children. Parents feel that they should always be able to get in touch with their children with regard to their general well being, instead of merely drowning in anxiety. And cell phones prove to be the best source for them. It is true that cell phones can be a great communication and safety tool. Students can summon help if they were stuck in any emergency situation. Especially the girl students, when equipped with cell phone have a better chance of safety. But usage of cell phones has many negative sides also. There have been instances where cell phones were used to cheat in the examinations. Students, having cell phones may use them to cause enough inconvenience, like playing funny ring-tones to distract the classes, clicking pictures, playing games etc. It may lead to the non-serious attitude for the individual.

The newspapers are full of reports each day about the several disorders and dysfunctions caused by the cell phones. Youngsters communicate all kinds of emotions using text messages, and the result is serious distortion of language. Students get so much habitual of writing in short forms that sometimes they are not able to write a correct spelling on paper. Cell phones may also be used for defaming, creating pornographic content, organizing criminal activities. Build-in-digital cameras are also adding a new dimension to the problem. There have been reported cases of students using a cell phone’s camera to take picture of class mates in personal situations such as in the locker room or in the washroom and distributing these pictures via MMS within minutes. Giving such kinds of cell phones to youngsters can be very detrimental, especially for the moral fabric of the society.


Usage of cell phones not only spoils children morally and psychologically but it also gives a number of physical problems. Regular usage of cell phones may affect sense of hearing. Doctors are coming across a number of youngsters with RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury. Studies have found that text messages regularly, over a long period of time, could cause repetition strain which may cause both short and long term injuries. When traditional bullying occurs in a school, teachers are often able to control, but cyber bullying makes it difficult to detect and control.

Inspite of having so much negative aspects of cell phone usage in school, we can not avoid the concern of parents for the security and safety of their children. Their worry and concern can be justified in the light of the reports of abduction and school shooting. But the extent to which children use cell phones outstrips any safety consideration. Some serious steps should be taken for this. Class rooms are meant for study. There is no logic for allowing phones in classrooms. The students must keep their cell phones switched off during study time. They will learn to accord respect and seriousness to important things if they can be made to understand this. The cell phone remains banned during the school hours but can be used once outside. Hence a partial ban would be the right course.

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