Essay on Sustainable Development Need of the Hour

There is much talk about sustainable development, but nothing concrete has been achieved in this regard so far.

Designing a 'Big Wheel' for Civilization

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In an increasingly interdependent world, all countries share common interest and responsibility in addressing the challenges of growth and sustainable development. Over the years, the global leaders have put these challenges at the forefront of international meetings, summits and discussions at various platforms, launching ambitious initiatives centered around the agreed development objectives, focusing on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.

There is a consensus of opinion that economic development and environmental protection are mutually reinforcing. Inclusive growth and lasting progress in eradicating poverty cannot be achieved if the problems caused by climate change are not solved.


It is indeed a matter of concern that despite framing various plans and policies, nothing concrete has been achieved in our country regarding sustainable development. The factories and industries set up to manufacture or refine a vast variety of products are spreading air and water pollution. Various types of toxic elements, including chemicals are released into the air we breathe, resulting into deadly diseases like cancer, asthma, Columnary Obstructive Pelvic Diseases (COPD), eye-rashes, etc. The toxic materials and wastes are released by industries into water sources, polluting water of rivers, lakes, ponds, and steams, causing dangerous epidemics in humans, animals and aquatic life. Environment is being greatly harmed in the name of development.

Our unscrupulous practices go beyond. Thousands of trees being cut daily to manufacture paper, get timber, clear tracts of land to set up industries, tourist resorts and housing colonies are ill serving the cause of environment. Besides, many other human activities such as burning wood for fuel, bathing cattle, clothes and animals in public water sources are damaging natural ecosystem.

Difficult weather conditions like floods, droughts, hurricanes, global warming are going to make human life extremely thought in the near future. It is time to wake up to this reality and make all efforts at our command to protect the environment.

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