What are benefits that are not taxable under income tax act in India ?

Strictly speaking while the value of all benefits can be taxed, in practice lot many benefits are declared as tax-free by way of issue of executive instructions or sometimes by force of certain other enactments. They are summarized below:

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  • Refreshment during office hours and in office premises.
  • Subsidized lunch or dinner provided by employer.
  • Rent free accommodation to High Court and Supreme Court Judges.
  • House rent allowance in lieu of official residence to High Court or Supreme Court Judges,
  • Conveyance facilities provided to a Supreme Court Judge, or High Court Judge,
  • Rent free accommodation to ministers.
  • Rent free accommodation to Military personnel.
  • Recreational facilities for groups of employees.
  • Amount spent on training of employees is not a perquisite.
  • Goods sold by employer to employees at concessional rate.
  • Employer engaged in transport business can permit free or concessional travel by employees in its own carriages.
  • Privilege passes and free passes come in this category.
  • Payment of annual premium in respect of personal accident policy.
  • Perquisites to Government employees when serving in foreign countries.
  • Free ration and provisions to members of the armed forces given under the service conditions. Courses and training programmes arranged for the employees, employees sent to attend the refresher courses meant for executives.
  • Cost of refresher courses and training programmes, executive development and management development programmes.
  • Transport facilities for going to and coming from place of work.
  • Expenses incurred on family planning programmes and benefits derived employees.
  • Telephone provided to an employee at his residence for office work.
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