What are the 11 items that are held as capital expenditures ?

The following 11 items have been held to be capital expenditure:

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  • Expenses incurred in connection with litigation relating to utilization of capital asset for a business-Plastic Products Ltd. v CIT [1966]62 ITR 209.
  • Administrative expenses during the pre-operation period can be capitalized and treated as part of the actual cost of assets — Vallabh Glass Works v CIT 127 ITR 37.
  • Expenditure incurred by a printing concern during the first year of its existence in the purchase of the printing types-Janasatta Karyalaya v CIT [1964]54 ITR 792
  • Payment of back-royalty for renewal of lease for further period –CIT v H.Dear & Co. Ltd. (1964] 52 ITR 65.
  • The amount paid for acquisition of the right to dig the surface land at the beginning of the mining operations-N.Pear Sahib v CIT [1956] 54 ITR 681.
  • Cost of reconstructing and refurnishing business premises. Hyam vITO 14 TC 479.
  • Expenses incurred for erecting temporary structures. Uttar Bharat Exchange Ltd v CIT[1965] 55 ITR 550.
  • Premium and annual rent for the lease of land for manufacturing of bricks and for the right to set up brick kilns, engines, workshops etc. Ford & Mac Donald Ltd. v CIT [1964] 54 ITR 8.
  • Stamp duty on ineffective lease deed. East India Commercial Co. Pvt ltd. v CIT [1964] 54 ITR 8.
  • Expenses of dismantling, transporting and re-erecting the same plant and machinery when a factory is shifted from one site to another.
  • Payment made by the assessee with a view to keeping his competitor out of his field of business – Bihari Lal Beni Prasad v CIT [1959] 35 ITR 476.
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