What are the list of documents generally used in export trade ?

The list of documents generally used in export trade are :

1. Application form for allotment of importer- exporter code number.

Exporting 101 for Small Businesses


2. Application form for registration /membership/registration-cum- membership certificate of export promotion council.


3. Master document I

4. Master Document II

5. Performa Invoice

6. Commercial Invoice


7. Customs Invoice

8. Packing List

9. Intimation for inspection

10. Registration with textiles committee


11. Application for allotment of quota under FCFS.

12. Application for authentication of readymade garments

13. Application for pre-shipment inspection (India Items)

14. Application for certificate of origin

15. GSP certificate of origin

16. Shipping Bill / Annexures ‘A’ or ‘B’

17. Declaration for claim of duty drawback

18. Exchange control declaration forms: GR/SDF/PP/SOFTEX

19. Application for the removal of excisable goods for exports (AR -4)

20. Port trust copy of shipping Bill

21. Mate’s Receipt

22. Bill of Lading for combined transport and port to port shipment

23. Airway bill

24. Certificate of Insurance / Insurance Policy

25. Letter to the Bank for collection/Negotiation of Documents

26. Bill of Exchange

27. Form of claim of drawback under rule 13

28. D form for claim of drawback against postal exports

29. Bank certificate of export and realization

30. Bank realization certificate

31. Certificate for Inward Remittance

32. Bill of Entry

33. A 1 : For remittance against imports

34. A 2 : For remittance other than imports

35. Application for the Grant of Export License.

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