What is Morality?

Mortality refers to the number of death per unit in a unit number of individual also called as crude birth rate.

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Minimum Mortality also called specific mortality or potential mortality. It represents the theoretical minimum loss under ideal or non-limiting condition. It is constant for a population the ecological mortality is the actual loss of population under as given period on environmental condition.

In India there is gradual decline in death rate because of the absence of natural checks like famines and large scale epidemics. There is no mass control of diseases and better health facilities well. There is no improvement of food supply and no development in social consciousness among the people.


Population Explosion: – The term population explosion refers to the phenomenon of a rapid increase in population which tends to the growth of national income and retards the progression of per capote income. It dictates of situation the economy is not capable to cope with the needs to save and invest of stage. The economy therefore remains with gap of a vicious circle of poverty. The consumption and nutrition standards of the population are low. They suffer from poor health and low productivity.

The causes of explosion or rapid population growth:-

High Birth Rate: – There are many causes responsible for high birth rate in India. Firstly, socio cultural causes which means some of the socio cultural causes responsible for high birth rate in India. Secondly, universal and fairly marriage in India is responsible for rapid population growth. Marriage is considered religious duty. The practice of early marriage system is still prevailing in India. The 80% of girls get married during the most fertile period 15 to 20 years.

In India polygamy system or man having more than one wife which helps in the rapid population growth. There is also preference for a male child. People are no satisfied with number of girl child. There also widow marriage system prevails in India which led to the rapid growth of population. Poverty also compels to the have more children to collect more wages. The poor illiterate and tribal people need more children to collect wages and forest products and the help in the growth of population.

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