What is the main difference between Organizational Chart and Office manual ?

The main difference between Organizational Chart and Office manual are :

Sales Chart - Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Organisation chart

Organisation chart is a diagrammatical chart which shows the important aspects of an organisation. It is a graphical presentation of organisation structure and indicates who reports to whom. It shows a bird’s eye-view of the organisation as well as the relationship between the excusive and the subordinates at different levels. It contains a variety of information like the chief executive, names and status of personnel in different positions, principal lines of authority, the span of control and the superior subordinates relationship. So it can be summarized the organization chart in a plan of working relationship.


Office manual

Office manual is an authoritative guide to the organisation. It contains information in the form of a book or booklet. Office manual contains, information like office system and routine, organizational politicies, name and addresses of the company and various branches, office facilities provided and executive decisions. As printed information are inserted in office manual, it enables the executive to take decisions quickly.

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