What precautions should be taken while using LPG ?

Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG) is mainly a mixture of two hydrocarbons – butane and iso-butane, which is liquefied by compressing.

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Advantages of LPG :

1. LPG has a high calorific value. So it is a good fuel.

2. LPG burns with a smokeless flame and so it does not cause pollution.


3. LPG does not produce any poisonous gases on burning.

4. LPG is easy to handle and convenient to store.

5. LPG is a very neat and clean domestic fuel.

Precautions for using LPG :

1. Before lighting a match-stick, we should make sure that there is no foul smell of the leaking gas in the kitchen, near the as cylinder or gas stove.


2. We should not keep any hot flames like kerosene lamp, kerosene stove or electric heater near the gas cylinder. The gas agency should be informed in case of a leaking gas cylinder and it should be replaced at the earliest.

3. We should handle the gas cylinder with care so that its valve does not get damaged.

4. The rubber pipe connecting the gas cylinder to gas stove should be checked periodically for any wear and tear.

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