What Role Does My Attitude Play in Shaping My Beliefs, Values and Philosophies?

Your attitude is basically your perspective of life. It affects your mood and your surroundings. In most cases, your religion affects your beliefs and philosophies whilst your morals affect your values.

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If you have a negative outlook on life and feel that you are pains ultimate victim, short listed just because you are you- then your attitude will reflect this- people will target and victimize you, but if your attitude is positive, then you will only attract good energy and your life would be a lot easier. Your religion is part of your core- it makes up who you are and gives you a solid foundation to fall back on.

Your philosophies are your attitudes walls- They stand close to your beliefs- never contradicting, ever synchronized in harmony. If you would have to choose between your philosophies and beliefs, your beliefs would win- for they make you god conscious. These all form your perspective of life – Your Attitude it is important to treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s not your attitude that shapes your beliefs, values and philosophies; actually, they shape your attitude. Recognizing how this works plays an important part when assessing situations.


When you discover your attitude, you know fifty percent of yourself. The rest like self worth and physical attributes can come later; you first have to know what’s inside of you. Mentors can help you discover your values; religious leaders can help you discover your beliefs and even your mom or dad can help you with your philosophies- Because sometimes you believe what you see, BUT YOUR ATTITUDE IS ALL*YOUR* IDEAS and no one else’s to judge.

There are two main types of attitude, an optimistic one and a persimistic one. An optimist always sees the brighter side of life whilst a persimist always sees the darker side of life. If A-Z was numbered 1-26 then the word attitude would work up to 100 for it is your attitude that is required to get 100% out of life and its challenges. When you know yourself, you know everything, for you are everything! The most important thing in my life is me and I want to know everything about me- that’s my attitude.

And as I write this, my attitude is keeping my values, beliefs and philosophies in check, so I am always on my toes and when I do overstep the thin boundary of right and wrong, Irely on my attitude to set me straight.



Aryan Khyle Jokhoo

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