Why reservation in India rocks ?

Although India has made rapid strides in socio-economic development ever since the achievement of independence, the growth has been far from inclusive. There are large marginalized masses who are still subjected to a life of misery and destitution. Since they have no means to bring a perceptible change in their lives, concessions and reservations are their only hope. Indian farmers are mostly poor but are under pressure to increase the yield due to their increasing families and despite rising input costs. Subsidies on fertilizers help these poor farmers and keep them going.

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It is widely recognized these days that the progress of a country depends on proper utilization of its human resources. But in our country a large number of people are denied the opportunity to contribute to society due to lack of means and resources. Reservations in education and jobs fill this gap and provide access to SC, ST and OBC candidates to institutes of education as well as employment whereby they start earning their livelihood and contributing to society. Without these reservations, sizeable man-power resources and work potential would remain unutilized.

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