Brief note on Reservation system in India

Reservations for SCs and STs were enshrined in India’s constitution but they were to continue for a period of 10 years. Now when more than 60 years have passed since the achievement of independence, there is no rhyme or reason why these reservations should continue. The fact that these sections of society had been exploited and remained oppressed for centuries which formed the basis of these reservations-no longer holds true. The addition of OBCs in the reserved categories has made matters more complicated. There is hardly a need for reservations in a country like ours where everyone is getting equal opportunities to realize his/ her goal.

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Reservations work as a deterrent to and against the principle of merit. The general category candidates with better performance in a screening test may be denied admission in a college or may not be considered for a job because some candidates have to job taken from the reserved categories; howsoever undeserving they may be in comparison.

Subsidies on fertilizers are causing huge losses to the manufacturing companies. The portion of subsidy borne by the government is reducing state capital or increasing fiscal deficit every year. These subsidies are still being allowed to continue because the ruling parties are afraid of losing vote bank if a decision to quash them is taken.

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