Will Your Way To Victory

Firm must be your will, patient your heart and passionate your aspiration to attain the fulfillment of your great goal. All the performances of great human art, unbelievable discoveries and miraculous feats of scientific achievements, which we regard as wonders are nothing but perseverance in disguise.

Unbeatable Kleinhans and Langvad cruise to victory

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What we call luck is simply pluck and perseverance. It is doing things over and over with courage, faith and will power. We get out of life just what we put into it. No one gets anything worthwhile by accident. Our hidden desires motivate and drive us to work towards the fulfillment of our goals consciously as well as subconsciously. Biographies of great proclaim that life is what we make it.

Sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. Believe you can, and act on that belief and certainly you will succeed. You cannot but win, so long as your faith remains unshaken and your will unbroken. Anything accomplished by any other human being can most certainly be accomplished by us as well. In fact, if we try harder, we can accomplish a lot more. Everyday we find some record or the other being shattered and a new one being established. Each year sees progress made in almost every field. The success story of every great person proclaims that whatever be the chosen field of activity, if one works hard with faith, concentration and determination, one will positively reach the top and crown oneself with sure success.


Take, for instance, the young and dashing Suresh Raina, Team India’s new batting prodigy. Born and brought up in Muradnagar, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Raina learnt the ABC of cricket, literally, in the narrow, dusty lanes of his hometown. Due to his humble family background, he could not find an expert coach to impart him formal training for the game. So, he set out to surge ahead by his perseverance devotion to cricket, self-assurance and conviction in his ability. He went on and on, eventually reaching the high water mark of his career. The saga of the talented Raina is highly motivating for many youngsters who are marshaling their resources for the acid tests on way to their chosen destinations.

How a man does what he does determines whether he will get out of it maximum results with minimum input. Thus, the how of work constitutes its techniques or know-how. In other words, technique of know-how refers to getting superior results out of using the same amount of resources and efforts, more skillfully. The best way to rise above the crowd is to do the ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. Doing the ordinary can become an extraordinary experience producing extraordinary results, if we do the ordinary thing with extraordinary enthusiasm or if we introduce into the ordinary some new technique or skill. To emerge as the champion, one has to put all one has, into every punch.

Anyone can learn from experience, the costly and time consuming process of trial and error. But the better way is to learn and benefit from the experience of others who have traveled our way before us. Their experience is gold for the taking. To profit by the experiences of others and to introduce possible improvements and innovations, is the mark of a thinking man. Start now. Read, think and succeed.

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