A Short Paragraph on C.V. Raman

C.V. Raman is considered the father of Indian Science. His famous study on scattering of light culminated in paper known as Raman Effect. This effect can be stated as follows:

C.V. Raman, G.S. Landesberg and L.I. Mandelstam - Controvertial ...

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When a beam of light is scattered by a transparent liquid, the scattered light contains a frequency of very low intensity not present in the incident radiation,’ He described the results of this experiment in his first book “Molecular Diffractions of Light’ (1922).

He emerged as a true international figure and was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. He founded the Indian Academy of Sciences at Bangalore in 1934. In 1949, he started his own research institute known as Raman Research Institute in Bangalore and after a period of years, this institute has gained international stature with research activity in liquid crystals, astrophysics and radio astronomy.


The government of India appointed him the first natural professor in 1948 and decorated him with Bharat Ratna in 1954

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