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If Charles Babbage is regarded as the father of the Computers then Darren Rowse (the founder of is regarded as the father of Professional Blogging. Darren Rowse is just not a guy next door. He is probably the first person of the world to become a self made millionaire by just doing nothing else but Blogging.

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Darren Rowse was born on 27th April 1972 and at present lives in Melbourne Australia. He is mainly a professional Blogger, motivational speaker and founder of many high traffic bogs. According to him it all started with a noble hobby to share his knowledge and experience about Blogging and making money online. With the passes of time he was able to earn money out his blog and this inspired him to take this hobby to the next level and build a career form it.
During the early months of 2002 Darren came across an article about Blogging and instantly decided to start his own blog. Just within 24 hours of reading the article he stated his own personal blog. Thereafter he was engaged himself in blogging in numerous blog. is one among them which was focused mainly about living in Australia and its socio-cultural activities. After that he stated blogging in about 25 different blog and his blogging on the Athens Olympics was hub of traffic within a very short period. His blogs started receiving more than 20,000 pages view per day and over $ 20, 000 /- total revenue per month.


ith the next three year Darren become a popular Blogger in the blogsphere and in the year 2005 he become the VP of Blogger training at Soon after that in the year 2006 he was awarded as the Best Web developer Web- log Blog award for In the year 2007 Darren blog was listed as the seven on Technocrat’s most favorite blog list and number 48 on the most linked to blog.

arren Rowse blogs gives boosting inspiration to million of Blogger around the world. The most interesting fact about this guy is that he is able to blog more that 25 article per day and he do that around the clock. This makes him to post more that 9000 posts per year and thus his blog receives tremendous traffic from various search engines like and

he world is changing and so does the way of living and methods of earning money. This is now the right time to start earning in six figures and shared individual experience with the world. Who wants to become the next Pro-Blogger?
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