Biography of Dadabhai Naoroji

Birth, parentage and education

Dadabhai Naoroji was born in Bombay, in 1825. He came of a Parsee priest family. He lost his father when he was quite young. The charge of his education fell upon his mother. She was a very wise woman. So she gave him the best education. This lady had great influence over him. She made him what he was. He was the best boy in the class. He managed to win most of the prizes.

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Career in India


After he had left college, he was appointed Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in the same college. But he did not remain there for a long time. He thought of improving the condition of the country. He gave up his professorship. He established the first Girl’s school in Bombay. He did many things for the improvement of society and the education of his countrymen. In 1851, he started a weekly newspaper in Gujarati. In 1874, he became Prime Minister of Baroda State. As a minister, he did many things in Baroda for the improvement of the State. In 1875, he became a member of the Bombay Legislative Council. His fame as a great patriot spread over the whole of India. So he was elected President of the Indian National Congress thrice. It was a great honor to him.

Career in England

In 1885, he took to business. In connection with his business, he had to go to England. There he did much for the good of India. He wanted that the Englishmen should take interest in Indian affairs. For this reason, he started the East Indian Association in 1887. In 1892, he became a member of the British Parliament and won a great name.

Last days


He lived long. So he was known as “the Grand Old Man of India”. He spent the last days of his life peacefully in his village home. He died there in 1917.


Dadabhai Naoroji will be remembered by the Indians as a great patriot. It was he who first said that Swaraj was the goal of India.

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