Biography of Dipinder Singh Brar- a successful businessman

APL was company floated by PSIDC in collaboration with Mr. Dipinder Singh Brar to manufacture precision measuring equipment at Mohali.

Profile and Family Background of the Promoter :

Mr. Dipinder Singh Brar is a first generation entrepreneur who joined hands with PSIDC at the young age of 26 to diversify his family activities and interests from agriculture to industry. Mr. Brar, a product of Doon School graduated in Accounting and Finance from Bentley College, USA and then to sharpen his skills obtained his master’s degree in Management from University of California USA. To acquire practical experience, he served for four years, at a managerial post with Solar Turbine Division of International Harvester Corporation, a California based company.

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He belongs to a Sikh family of landlords from Malwa region. His father Late Mr. Bhupinder Singh Brar, a graduate from Chiefs College, Lahore was a politician apart from being an agriculturist.

Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Initiation :

The entrepreneur does not attribute his decision to start a venture to any negative event or factor. But his desire to enter into industry from agriculture and to gain recognition in the society were the main reasons behind the starting of the venture.

Perceptions regarding Factors leading to Success :


The promoter feels that various variable like risk taking capacity, self confidence, persuasion, innovation, the capacity to cope with stress, hardwork and commitment are the factors which contributed to the success of an entrepreneur. Above all he gives maximum importance to the right judgement of the entrepreneur about the timings of the project for the success of venture.

Perceptions regarding supportive Industrial Environment :

commenting on the industrial environment Mr. Brar is of the opinion that adequatete capital, right technology; proper training facilities with adequate infrastructure are the pre-conditions of a supportive industrial environment. meriting on the availability of labour, he feels that it is the skilled labour, not the cheap labour, which should always be available.

Entrepreneur’s Heuristics:


While explaining his own entrepreneurial heuristics, he feels that a new product which may not be supported by the education, work experience and family background, can be produced by any entrepreneur. But it is always better to locate the plant at a place where family linkage is sound. Indulging in unfair means for short run gains is unwarranted. Better service to the customers is the key to success in any enterprise he feels.

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