Biography of Miss India-Universe 2006- Neha Kapur

Neha Kapur has been crowned the Pond’s Femina Miss Indian Universe at the Miss India Beauty Pageant in Mumbai on March 18, 2006. Ambitious, confident and charming. these are just a few adjectives that can be used for Neha who did her schooling from the Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. As the pampered youngest child, Neha is a complete tomboy. Her closest friends are model Iggy and Bharat Arora, together they are called the three Musketeers. her hobbies are painting and listening to music.

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She is popularly know as Niaze. She has been fun loving girl who live life to the fullest. Neha’s favorite subject at school was Fine Arts. In fact, the teacher liked her so much that she made her student head of the Art Department. Rather than any conventional courses at graduation, she chose to study Fashion Designing. She planned to become a fashion designer but modeling happened instead. She was spotted at her academy and decided to take the plunge. In fact, she was so sire in the beginning but adventurous self egged her on.

Nevertheless, nothing in Neha’s life has worked according to plan, so she doesn’t even try to do so anymore in the field of Bollywood. But at the cost of sounding electrical, she wants to go ahead and do something for the needy. For Neha, winning is not just about a crown, it is also a big responsibility. This crown will certainly help her live her dreams.


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