Biography of Mohammad Mohsin

Birth and parentage

Many people of West Bengal know Haji Mohammad Mohsin’s name. He was born at Hooghly in 1732. He came of a respectable Persian family. They came from Persia and made Hooghly their permanent home. His father’s name was Haji Faizulla. Haji Faizulla was a rich merchant. But unfortunately he lost his wealth. At that time there was another rich Persian merchant at Hooghly. His name was Aga Motahar. When he died, he gave away his property to his daughter, Monnu Khanum. He did not leave anything for his wife. After this, the wife of Aga Motahar married Haji Faizulla. Mohsin was the child of this marriage.

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His education and career


Monnu loved Mohsin very much. She placed Mohsin under the care of a good maulvi. The maulvi made his character noble. He read Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian at Murshidabad. Then he travelled in Kabul, Turkey, Egypt, Persia and Arabia. He visited Macca, the sacred place of pilgrimage of the Mahommedans. Hence he was called Haji.

At this time the husband of Monnu Jan died and she sent for Mohsin. Mohsin came to Hooghly and began to look after the estate of his step-sister. They together began to do many good deeds. But Monnu Jan died soon. Thus Mohsin became the owner of the vast property.

His charity

But he did not use property for his own sake. He did not marry. He led a holy life ‘and spent the money in doing good to the poor people. He helped both the Hindus and the Mahommedans of Bengal freely. He spent much money for the spread of education among the Mahommedans. He died in 1812. The income of his property is now spent in charity.

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