Biography of Sachin Tendulkar – The most famous cricketers of india

Cricket is not just a sport in India. Indians take it as their pride. For them, cricket is their religion and Sachem Tendulkar is god. When India win any crucial match, especially with teams like Australia and Pakistan it is celebrated as a festival all over India. And when Sachin plays any crucial role in the wins, the celebrations became more elevating for the Indians. Such is the craze to each.

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Sachin, the son of Sau Rajani and Shri Ramesh Tendulkar was born on april 24, 1973. Since his childhood, he used to play cricket with his elder brother, who himself is a good player and as avid lover of this game. In 1985, he changed his school and was admitted to Dadar’s Shardashram Vidyamandir. There he would learn the nuances of cricket under the table guidance of his coach Shri Ramakant Achrekar. He scored over 1,200 runs in schools cricket, including two triple centuries. He scored 326 not out for Shardashram against St. Xavier’s in the Harries Shield tournament, putting on 664 runs with his fellow Vinod Kambli, a record for any grade of cricket anywhere in the world. He was also voted best junior cricketer by the BCA.

The youngest player to wear a test cap for India—Sachin Tendulkar was all of 16 years old when he took on the tough Pakistan in the first test at Karachi. He played alongside some of his childhood heroes on his debut. Though he was able to score only 15 runs in his first innings he impressed the cricket fraternity very much. He followed up his first stint on the crease with a masterful 59 runs in the first innings of the second test at Faisalabad. Sachin Tendulkar was not a flash in the pan, he had arrived and he was here to stay. Sachin has performed majestically in both forms of the game. Every time he walks into bat he carries the hopes of a billion people who look to him as the sole hope in a nation surrounded by gloom, and despair. Sachin is the darling of the masses. He was the first overseas player in 130 years to play for the Yorkshire County in England. When he was in the middle of the pitch the world waits with bated breath to see how the ‘Little Champion’ destroys the confidence of the opposition with a harmonious blend of ruthlessness and clinical precision. He is also known as the ‘Master blaster’ in the cricketing fraternity. His enormous and almost insatiable appetite for runs seems to be a never-ending process.


The greatest of all compliments came from the cricket legend Sir Don Bradman who saw a streak of himself in Tendulkar the joy that he and the cricketing fraternity experienced knew no bounds. He was much ahead of his contemporaries when talked about the statistics in the game of cricket. Every kind of record seems to be reserved for him, be it the number of centuries or highest run aggregate in both form of the game. He became the first person to score 10,000 runs in One-Day International, in as ODI in Indore, Verses. Australia. On September 5, 2002 he becomes the youngest player ever to play in his 100th Test match for any country. He has been rated the No.1 batsman in the latest Wisden Cricket Ratings (based on Test match performances). He was rated the No.1 batsman in the worked by the prestigious Coopers and Lybrand’s ratings in 1995 and now in 1998. He was also No.1 in the CEAT cricket ratings of 1996.

Awards always seem to be showered upon him. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), headed by NCP leader Sharad Pawar presented Tendulkar with a 10 kg silver bat and a cheque of Rs 2.51 lakh to honor him after he was conferred with ‘Maharashtra Bhushan’ award by the state government and also for completing a record 10,000 runs in one-day internationals. Sachin Tendulkar was also awarded ‘Arjuna Award’ in 1994; in 1997 he became the 11th Indian to be named ‘Cricketer of the Year by the Wisden Almanack’. In 1991 he also got ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ India’s highest sporting award. Sachin Tendulkar also got Padam Shri in 1999 for his outstanding contribution to Indian cricket. He has a craze of car and has won many in international arena. Even after almost a decade and a half in cricket, Sachin Tendulkar continues to be India’s symbol of hope and reason for celebration. He is a living legend and a great champion.

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