Biography of Tony Scire

Tony Scire is an author, international business corporate entertainer, keynote speaker, private client consultant, and executive coach. He is clearly one of today’s most recognized and respected leaders and advocates of building friendships in work, as well as in personal life.


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Tony will tell you, as he lights the stage with his The Power of 2 presentation, that people prefer to work, associate, and do business with those they like, trust, and can call friends. He encourages people to be kinder, gentler, and more appreciative in their work and communities, as well as in other areas of life.

People are using more high-tech tools and changing the way they interact- communicating and buying on the Internet more than ever. Because of that, we all need to do something special to encourage others to meet, work, do business, and associate with us. Tony teaches us how! When he speaks, he relates to others incredibly well. His tremendous empathy for people and their challenges shines through.


Drawing on his 27-year career, which included sales, sales management, being a vice president of a major international company, this New York-born professional loves people and makes friends wherever he goes. Tony has traveled the world, met with thousands of people, and is here to tell you this: “We all have feelings and long to have others care about us. Every one of us has been created for success, and engineered to do good and live a great life.”

Making The Power of 2 a real-life guide to building relationships was Tony’s big dream, which was only strengthened by the tragedies of September 11, 2001. He is committed to expanding the wonderful wave of kindness that began that day. Because of those events, he is now doing so with more passion and love for others than ever before. He is al so giving the net proceeds from this book to charity.

Tony lives in Florida with his wife, Gail, and his mother, Theresa. He and Gail have two adult children whom he loves more than life. Tony is currently working with a production company on a children’s motivational movie. He can be reached via email at and visited on the web at

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