Biography of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi a powerful orator and an original thinker won a third term as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Action speaks louder than words this adage is apt in context of Mr. Modi. He has proved himself as an outstanding administrator who turned Gujarat into an economic powerhouse. Even after being subjected to a malicious and prolonged campaign of vilification, he has been able to impress even his worst critics with his determination, single-minded focus, integrity and a wide array of achievements in a relatively short time. The thumping victory for the BJP in Gujarat says it all.

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Born on September 17, 1950 in the northern Mehsana district of Gujarat, Mr. Modi completed his schooling in Vadnagar and obtained his masters degree in Political Science from Gujarat University. Since his early years, he has been interested in social services and has served the victims of major disasters in various parts of the country. Narendra Modi’s abilities and leadership qualities were seen during the early days of his student life when he became the leader of Akhil Bhratiya Vidhyarthi Parisad. he entered politics in 1987 by joining the Bharatiy Janata Party. He took over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat on Octover 7, 2001 after carving a niche for himself in the national politics as a master strategist. His administrative acumen, clear vision and integrity helped him register a landslide victory in the Assembly elections held in Gujarat in December 2002 following which he was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the State for the second term on December 22, 2002.

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