What are the essential features of a good store for food-grains ?

Containers used for storage of different types of food material should be constructed as to provide protection against all possible cause of damage.

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This applies equally for commodities stored on a commercial scale or in our homes. The following are essential feature s of a good storage structure for storing food-grains on a large scale :

1. It should be easy to clean.


2. It should be water and moisture proof.

3. It should have protections against variations in temperature and humidity.

4. It should be at a convenient location for receipt, issue and transportation of food materials.

5. It should be far from possible sources of infection such as kilns, flour and none crushing mills, garbage dumps slaughter houses, tanneries and chemical industry.


6. It should have protection from entry of rodents, birds and other animals, as well as freedom from insects.

7. It should be convenient for periodical inspection of stored food materials.

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