What is the difference between DNA and RNA ?

The difference between DNA and RNA are:


  1. Deoxyribose sugar is present
  2. Phosphoric acid is the link between one molecule of sugars and the other.
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  1. The following nitrogen bases are found
    1. Purines (Adenine, guanine)
    2. Pyrimidines (Thymine, cytosine)
  2. The four nucleorides found are :
    1. Deoxyadenosine monophosphate.
    2. Deoxyguanosine monophosphate
    3. Deoxycytosine monophosphate
    4. Thymidine monophosphate
  3. Two long polymers of nucleotides form a double helical structure in which nucleotides are attached in pairs.
  4. DNA is genetic material and con­trols all activities taking place in a cell.
  5. It is found in chromosomes, mito­chondria and chloroplasts
  6. DNA has upto 4.3 million nucleo­tides.


  1. Ribose sugar is present,
  2. As in DNA
  3. The following nitrogen bases are found
    1. Purines (Adenine, guanine),
    2. Pyrimidines (Uracil, cytosine)
  4. The four nucleotides found are :
    1. Adenosine monophosphate
    2. Guanosine monophosphate
    3. Cytosine monophosphate
    4. Uridine monophosphate
  5. There is a long polymer of nucleotides.
  6. It functions as a carrier of genetic information and plays specific role in protein synthesis.
  7. It is found in nucleolus, nucleoplasm and cytoplasm.
  8. RNA has upto 12,000 nucleo­tides.
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