What is the difference between dry cell and Lead storage cell ?

The difference between dry cell and Lead storage cell are:

Dry cell

  • A dry cell once finished, cannot be charged again.
KS-6522 Dry Cell - For Flashlight Service - a photo on Flickriver

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  • A dry cell has a single life.
  • Dry cell is used in torches, transistors, watches, calculators, etc.
  • Dry cell is light, compact and can be transported easily.
  • The electrolyte is present in the semi-solid (paste) form.

Lead storage cell

  • Lead storage cell or accumulators once exhausted can be charged again and again.
  • It has many lives.
  • Storage cells are used in cars, buses, trucks, motor cycles and other vehicles.
  • Storage cell is heavy and difficult to handle.
  • The electrolyte is in the liquid form.
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