What is the difference between plant and animal cell ?

The difference between plant and animal cell are

Plant Cell

1) A rigid and nonliving cell wall is always present outside the plasmalemma

2) A central large vacuole is present in a mature cell due to which proto­plasm is pressed to wall.

3) Plastids are found (Plastids absent in fungi and bacteria).

4) Centrosomes absent, except some algae and fungi.

5) Division of cytoplasm starts with the formation of phragmoplast which is made up of microtubules and golgi vesicles, migrating to equatorial plate. This accumulation starts from centre to periphery.

Anatomy of the Plant Cell vs a Human Cell - Interactive Biology ...

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Animal cell

1) Cell wall absent

2) Vacuoles are usually absent

3) Plastids absent.

4) Centrosomes always present and helps in cell division

5) Division of cytoplasm is by equatorial constriction from periphery to centre.

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