3 greatest inventions of recent times

Science and research are combine changing the world at greater speed. The impossible of the yesterday is possible today.  Now you can use as much plastics as you can without polluting the environment. You can also hear with your skin. It may sound odd . Read this article to learn about 3 greatest invention of recent times.

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1. An Eco-Friendly plastic invented

The team of scientist from KAIST University, South Korea and LG Chem, led by Professor Sang Yup Lee has successfully bio-engineered polymers completely bypassing fossil fuel based chemicals. This breakthrough opens the way for the commercial production of “green” plastics. Ploy lactic acid, a bio-based polymer is the key to producing plastics through renewal resources. These plastics are bio-degradable and have a low toxity to humans. Through the use of a metabolically engineered strain of E. Coli, the team has produced polylactic acid and its co-polymers through direct fermentation.


2. Now virus can be stopped before they strike

Two UK engineers, Simon Wiseman and Richard Oak from defence technology company ”Qinetiq” based in Worcestershire, UK have found a way to stop virus in their tracks by intercepting every file that could possibly hide a virus and adding a string of computers code to it. The code will disable any virus it contains. Their technique mainly targets emailed attachments and adds the extra code to them as they pass through a mail server. “Qinetiq”, which has just acquired the military networking firm Boldon James, plans to exploit the devise in future secure mail servers.

3. Humans can hear with skin too

In a paper in “Nature”, Dryan Gick and Donald Derrick of the University of British Columbia report that people can hear with their skin. The research had subjects listen to spoken syllables while hooked up a device puff of air onto the skin of their hand or neck. It supports the idea that integrating different sensory cues is innate.

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