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Today, I was searching for some cutting edge books for buying. While Googling I learned that Pustak Mahal is one of the India’s largest publisher of mass appeal books offering books on various topics. Some of the cutting edge books that can give you a food for thought are listed below. But my search for cutting edge books is not yet over, I want to hear from you, please suggest me some more books which can give a Cutting Edge to my destiny. Keep commenting. Have a Great day !

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Books that give you a Cutting Edge

  • Mind Power
  • 100 Minute
  • Sant Kabir
  • 100 ways to Bring our your best
  • Be Confident & Fearless
  • Build A Better You
  • Win The battle of Conflicts Within
  • How to become successful Orator
  • Multiple Career Choices
  • Solve Your Problems – The Bible way
  • Godaan
  • Indian Saints & Sages
  • Pebbles of wit and wisdom
  • Winning Resume
  • 31 Mantras for Personality Development
  • Hunting Silhouettes
  • 10 fundamental rules of success.

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