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SlBOOK NamePrice
130A New Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning325
131A Practical Book of Verba 1120
132Non-Verbal Reasoning Kit150
133A Practical Book of Logical Verbal/Non Verbal Test150
134Mental Ability Test140
135Data Interpretation180
136Quantitative Aptitude Tests199
137A Practical Book of Clerical Aptitude Tests50
138Intelligence and Aptitude Tests160
139Actual Interview70
140A Practical Book of Numerical Ability Test90
141A manual to group Discussion75
142S.S.B Interview199
143Call Centre50
144Physiological Test and Interview50
145World’s Greatest Personalities150
146Modern Interview99
147M.S office Manual75
148Tell Me why75
149Panorama of Sex Education40
150Healing with Reiki60
151Stress- Cause and Cures60
152Careers After 10 + 2 and Beyond120
153 T.V Quiz Book60
154Stop Worrying Start Living50
155India- A Travel Guide99
156English Speaking course99
157A Practical Book of Clerical Aptitude Test50
158Homoeopathic Remedies40
160Guide to Good health40
161Nature Cure35
Previous Year’s Up-to-date Solved Papers
162Model Solutions to Bank PO Exam.140
163Model Solutions to Civil Services (Prel.)Exam.199
164Model solutions to Bank Clerical recrt. Exam.70
165Model Solution to MBA Exam.170
166Model Solutions to NDA Exam.180
167Model Solutions to CDS Exam.225
168Model Solutions to SCRA Exam225
169Model Solutions to Hotel Management Ent. Exam90
170Model Solutions to MCA Exam.160
171Model Solutions to Indian Forest Service Exam.250
172Model Solution to SSC Combined Graduate Prelim99
173Model Solutions to MAT150
174Model Solutions to CAT175
175Model Solutions to NIFT Exam.199
176Choicest Essays99
177Short Essays, Letters and Composition (For juniors)50
178Essays, Letters, Stories & Dialogue (For Seniors)30
179prize Winning Essays55
180101 Scholl Essays40
181Hindi-English Essays & Letters90
182Advanced Essays115
183Treasure House of Quotations60
184English Improvement Kit69
185Descriptive English99
186Important proverbs30
187Descriptive Essential English65
188Word Power20
189A New Approach to Applied Grammar125
190Descriptive Essential English65
191Objective English105
192Advanced Objective English99
193Advanced Descriptive English99
194Improve Your English40
195Précis Writing60
196Learn & Speak English in 30 Days99
197Drafting and office procedure125
198A practical Book of objective English55
199Word power Made Easy80
200handbook of Synonyms. Antonyms & Homonyms75
201Treasury of Idioms and Phrases75
202I.A.S. General English Digest120
203paragraph Writing49
204Common Errors in English50
205Objective Arithmetic130
206Descriptive Arithmetic80
207Fundamental of Mathematics 40
208Objective Essential Mathematics50
20921st Century Dictionary of English- English-Hindi125
210Dictionary of English to English75
211Dictionary of Hindi to Hindi49
212Dictionary of Hindi to English 89
213Advance Dictionary of Physics99
214Advance Dictionary of Chemistry99
215Advance Dictionary of Economics99
216Advance Dictionary of Commerce109
217Dictionary  of Science99
218Dictionary of Management89
219Dictionary  of Medical Terms99
220Dictionary  of Legal Terms51
221Dictionary  of Computers99
222Dictionary of Botany69
223Advance Dictionary of Mathematics99
224Advance Dictionary of English Language99
225Advance Dictionary of Zoology99
226Directory of Competitive Exams.80
227Directory of Medical colleges in India130
228Directory of Engineering colleges in india80
229Directory of Civil Services’ (Prel. & Main)Exams.75
230Formulae & Definitions in Physics55
231Formulae & Definition in Chemistry55
232Formulae & Definition in mathematics66
233Concise Manual Formulae & Definition in Chemistry49
234Concise Manual Formulae & definition in Mathematics49
135concise Manual Formulae & Definitions in Physics49
236Communicative English (Class IX)220
237Mathematics (Class IX)230
238Science (Class IX)250
239Social Science (Class IX)199
240Environmental Education (Class IX)120
241Hindi (Class IX)230
242English A (Class X)199
243Science (Class X)250
244Mathematics (Class X)250
245Social Science (Class X)199
246Physics (Class XII)299
247Mathematics Part I (Class XII)220
248Mathematics Part II (Class XII)199
249Biology (Class XII)299
250Chemistry (Class XII)250

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