10 Important Characteristics of Stability Strategy

Important Characteristics of Stability Strategy are as follows:

1. Stability is basically a safety-oriented, status quo-oriented strategy.

2. It does not need much of fresh investments.

3. The risk is also less.


4. It is a commonly employed strategy.

5. It is not a ‘does nothing’ strategy. It involves keeping track of new developments to ensure that the strategy continues to make sense in future also.

6. The firm tries to enhance functional efficiencies in an incremental way.

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7. Only firms with modest growth objective will vote for this strategy as the growth objective of firms employing this strategy will not be high.

8. Stability strategy does not involve a redefinition of the business of the corporation.

9. It involves concentrating its resources and attention on existing businesses/products markets.

10. But the strategy does not permit the renewal process of bringing in fresh investments and new products and markets for the firm.

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