10 Important Questions You Must Prepare for Business Strategic Management Exam

1. Define the term Business Policy.

2. Define the term Strategy. What are the characteristics of a corporate strategy?

3. Write short note on Strategic Decision Making.

4. Describe the major dimensions of strategic decisions.

5. What do you mean by Strategic Management? Explain the stages of the framework of strategic management.

Mrs. Miceli's Business Courses 14-15

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6. Draw and explain the Strategic Management Model.

7. What is strategic vision? What are the factors to be considered while developing strategic vision?

8. What is strategic mission? Why should organisations have mission? State the points to be considered while writing mission of a company?


9. What are Objectives? How do they differ from Goals? What are the characteristics that make objectives meaningful?

10.What are the three Strategic Levels of management in organisations? What are their respective responsibilities?

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