16 Important Questions on Business Environment for Students

1. Define the term business? What are the objectives of a business?

2. What is Business Environment? How does it affect a business? What are its components?

3. What are the characteristics of Business Environment? What are the problems in understanding its influence on a business?

4. How are organisations related to their environment?

Mrs. Miceli's Business Courses 14-15

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5. Write short note on environmental analysis or scanning.

6. Explain the three types of strategic responses of an organization to its environment.

7. Briefly discuss various elements of micro-environment.


8. Briefly discuss various elements of macro-environment.

9. What is demographic environment of a business?

10. Write short note on economic environment.

11. Write short note on political environment.


12. Write short note on socio-cultural environment.

13. What is technological environment of a business? Illustrate the interference between business and technology with the help of a chart.

14. What is competitive environment? How can organisations improve cooperation in competitive environment? What is a kieretsu?

15. What is globalization? Why do companies go global? Briefly discuss the ways in which globalization is manifested.

16. Discuss the Porter’s five forces model of competitive analysis.

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