Goals and Objectives of Employers’ Organizations in India

The main goals and objectives of all EOs are similar though they may vary to some extent in matters of detail.

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AIOE The principal objective of the AIOE is to guide employers so as to maintain harmonious industrial relations. However, the first objective listed in its rules and regulations reads as follows: ‘To take all steps which may be necessary to promote and protect the development of industry, trade, and commerce of India’.

The same point was emphasized differently in the list of objectives, which include the following:


(i) To take all steps which may be necessary for promoting, supporting, or opposing legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect directly or indirectly, industry, trade and commerce in general, or particular interest.

(ii) To take all possible steps for counteracting activities inimical to industry, trade, and commerce of the country.

(iii) To promote and protect the interests of employers engaged in industry, trade, and commerce in India.

The principal objectives relating to the industrial relations aspects include:


(i) To encourage the formation of EOs and to foster cooperation between EOs

in India and abroad (ii) to nominate delegates and advisers, etc., representing Indian employers at the International Labour Conference, International Chamber of Commerce, and other conferences and committees affecting the interests of trade, commerce, and industry, whether as employers or otherwise

(iii) To promote and support all well-considered schemes for the general uplift of the labour and to take all steps to establish harmonious relations between capital and labour

(iv) To educate the public with regard to the character, scope, importance, and needs of industry, trade, and commerce represented by the members.

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