Most Popular Games on Business Studies

Games are truly universal in nature, it is the eternity that lubricates the body, the mind and the soul. As a true learner of Business Studies you should play certain games that can give you a compelling idea to mind your own business in the most perfect way just like the billionaires does. The world is waiting to get its new business magnate, will you be the next ?

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Games can be defined as an activity that gives some amount of excitement and enjoyment. Before some year, games were only played for having fun and time pass. But with the rise of video game and PC based games, things started changing, educational games were created to boost the intelligence and knowledge of the player. The main difference between the word “Games and Work” is that work is something which is done for getting some remuneration whereas games is played for getting happiness, joy and entertainment. But the entire topic is itself controversial in nature, because today many gamers are no less than professional who  play for getting some kind of remuneration in form of money or rewards. Yes, today money counts everything and so does power, name and frame. Anyhow as a student of Business Studies I personally have a soft heart for games related to business management and operation. I have played almost more than 100 business study based games in which as a player, I do nothing but business.


The most significant element of business games are rules, regulation, challenges and interaction. The most popular game for the learners of business studies is Monopoly Tycoon in which you have to use your own creativity, knowledge and mental ability to build your own empire. And if you have less interest in playing computer based games then go for the heritage board based games such as “Monopoly” in which you can use your luck on the dice to create monopoly in the market. Games are truly universal in nature and  a world without games, will be nothing more that a dull planet. But one should not make a die heart habit of playing games because many billionaires of the world like Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Richard Branson always suggest to limit things to certain extend without making anything as habit because habit is really dangerous. So play games but certainly not at the cost of your study. If you want any suggestion or advise on the below given games then do ask me for the same. Thank you and have a great time. Keep reading….

Experts Favorite Games on Business Studies
Monopoly Tycoon

One of the most recommended games for all the aspiring students of Business Studies is Monopoly Tycoon. Actually, this game is derived from the heritage Monopoly Board Game published in the year 2001. In the Monopoly game dice is used for playing but in Monopoly Tycoon  more emphasis is given on the speed and innovativeness of the players. By playing this game, you can get tremendous knowledge on  some of the most significant aspects of business studies. In standard mode you can play against the computer whereas in multiplayer mode  you can compete with other online players to taste the sweetness of victory. Further, you are set the difficulty level of Monopoly Tycoon as per your suitability. The main challenge you will face while playing this Game is the “Challenge of accumulating the most wealth within the given time”. Download Monopoly Tycoon

More Information on this game:

  • Monopoly Tycoon is proudly developed by “Deep Red Games”.
  • And is currently published by the legendary “Infogrames”.
  • Monopoly Tycoon was inaugurated In the year 2001 during the month of September.
  • You can play the game in two mode : (a) Single Player (b) Multiplayer
  • Monopoly Tycoon can be played by each and everyone without any age restriction.
  • You can use both keyboard and mouse for playing this game effectively and efficiently.
  • At least 90 mb of free  disk space is required for installing this game.



Now the next game recommended for the learners of Business Studies is Monopoly. This game really doesn’t need any introduction. Does it ? As you known, Monopoly is one of the most popular board based games published by Parker Brothers and designed by Charles Darrow. Monopoly game is acutely a subsidiary of Hasbro. Anyhow, the concept of this game is based on Monopoly and Market domination by a single entity. Statistical studies reveals that out of the popular board based games played in the United States Monopoly ranks in the top ten list. This very game has been appreciated in the “Hall of Fame” by Games Magazines and the commercial success of this game has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

More information on this Game.

  • Monopoly is proudly designed by the legendary man named “Charles Darrow”.
  • Later on it was published by Parker Brothers.
  • At least two to eight players can play this game .
  • Within less than 15 minutes one can make this game ready for starting the play.
  • This is a very long game and it may take some 1.5 to 24 hours to complete (Get the monopoly). In some cases the game continues the next day.
  • For winning the game you need to create Monopoly in the market . In order to win, one needs the skills like Business Management, Negotiations and Market Domination.

Other Recommended Game on Business Studies :

Cook the Food

This is a very good game for the learners of Business Studies who love cooking. H.K Cafe is all about cooking food for the customers as quick as possible. If you are not able to cook the food within the specified time then some fifty dollars will be deducted from your account. You must keep in mind that once you complete your cooking and the food is dragged in the plate or bowl, you can’t move it any more. So be very careful while playing the game. Overall H.K is a small but cute flash based game recommended for all business studies aspirants. Play Now

Baby Production Management


Baby management us another wonderful flash based game in which you need to prepare the cargo for delivery on the baby production line. In this game you as the player will be given the post of the Store Manager and thus you will be solely responsible for  managing and taking care of your store effectively and efficiently. Play Now

Campsite Creator

Don’t you like to spend your vacation deep inside the woods or above the green mountain ranges ? It’s time to start working for your dream project. In this game “Campsite Creator” you need to use your own creativity to build and manage your own campsite. Your challenge will be to get more people come to your composite and generate revenue out of it. Further, with the inflow of cash, you can also expand your own campsite and grown your business in the field of construction, industry and much more. For expanding your business you need the skills like time management, creative thinking, effective planning and next generation business strategy. Play Now

More Business Studies Games:

Other small games on Business Studies

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