Business Studies Question Paper – 1

Business Studies is a very interesting subject. If you are preparing for examination on business studies, then it is advisable to practice some of the previous year question papers for securing better marks. The duration for answering these question is only 2 hours and thus you have to manage your time efficiently. All the questions are required to be answered. I will be waiting to hear from your in the below given comment system.  Best of luck.

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Group – A

1. Give the meaning of the following serially in not more than two sentences each:

  • Promotion
  • Pure Risk
  • Doctrine of Subrogation
  • Implied Authority
  • Cumulative Preference Shares
  • Government Warehouse
  • Mates Receipt
  • Constructive Industry
  • Mortgage Debentures
  • Open Indent


2. Answer the following questions serially in not more than two sentences each:

  • Who is a Dormant Partner?
  • What is meant by a Company Limited by Guarantee?
  • Indicate two features of synthetic industry.
  • Name three main types of Insurance.
  • What specific purpose is served by Del-credreagent?
  • What purpose does certificate of origin serve?
  • Who issues Bill of Lading? To whom it given?
  • What is meant by chain stores?
  • What is the significance of participating preference shares?
  • What is meant by Bill of Entry?

Group – B

3. Answer any ten questions in not more than five sentences each:

  • Outline the factors to be considered in determining investment of capital.
  • Give a classification of industries.
  • Give a classification of trade.
  • Mention three features of Departmental Stores.
  • State how honesty is essential for a successful businessman.
  • Explain how unlimited liability is an advantage as well as disadvantage of a partnership firm.
  • What is a Private Limited Company? What type of Company is the SAIL?
  • State three features of partnership.
  • Make a classification of debentures.
  • Outline the features of Housing Co-operative Society.
  • What is meant by Public Corporation? Outline two of its features.
  • Outline the merits of Producer’s Co-operative Society.
  • What are the features of the principles of Indemnity?

Group – C


4. Discuss the characteristics and disadvantages of sole trading concern.

5. How is partnership dissolved? Under what circumstances can court order for dissolving a partnership firm?

6. Discuss why Joint Stock Company is very popular these days.

7. What is meant by Mail Order Business? What are its features and limitations?


8. Discuss the procedure of importing goods from a foreign country.

9. Write short notes on:

  • Re-insurance
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Demerits of Government Company
  • Merits of Water Transport.
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