Business Studies Question Paper – 1999.

Group – A

2nd PUC Business Studies Exam Question Paper - 2014 2015 Student Forum

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1. Explain each of the following serially in not more than two sentences.

  • Private Company
  • Authorized Capital
  • Memorandum  of Association
  • Marketing Co-Operative Society
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Re-insurance
  • Multiple Shops
  • Sleeping Partner
  • Public Enterprise
  • Letter of Credit


2. Answer the following questions serially in not more than two sentences each:

  • What is Certificate of Commencement?
  • What is the minimum number of shareholders in a Public Company?
  • Is registration of a partnership firm compulsory?
  • What is a departmental store?
  • What is a Railway Receipt?
  • What is a Consumer Co-operative Society?
  • What is a government company?
  • In the absence of an agreement of partnership, what is the right of a partner in sharing of profit of the firm?
  • Who are promoters of a company?
  • What is a Super market?

Group – B

3. Answer six questions in not more than ten sentences each:

  • Discuss the advantages of Departmental stores.
  • Briefly mention the different types of shares issued by a company.
  • Explain the difference between – F.O.B. price, C & F price and C.I.F. price.
  • Under what circumstances a company can forfeit its shares?
  • What is the difference between a Co-operative Society and a Joint Stock Company.
  • Mention the circumstances under which a partnership firm is dissolved.
  • Discuss the advantages of road transport.
  • Outline the requisites of an ideal warehouse.
  • Explain the principle of indemnity.
  • Outline different forms of public enterprises.

Group – C


4. What is meant by the word ‘Business’? Describe the main objectives of business.

5. Describe the characteristics of sole proprietorship form of organisation. Discuss its merits and demerits.

6. Why has company form of organisation become popular as compared to other form of organisation?

7. Discuss in brief the characteristics, functions and types of wholesalers.


8. Outline in brief the procedure for the export of goods. What are the important documents involved therein?

9. What is a Partnership Deed? Give the main contents of the Partnership Deed.

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