Business Studies Question Paper Year 1998.

Business Studies Question Paper Year – 1998.

Group – A

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1. Explain the following serially in not more than two sentences each:

  • Commerce
  • Partnership deed
  • Mail order business
  • Active partner
  • Chartered company
  • Naked debenture
  • Departmental company
  • Statutory corporation
  • Double insurance
  • Balance of trade


2. Answer the following questions serially in not more than two sentences each.

  • State any two examples of manufacturing business.
  • How does a profession differ from business?
  • Who is a promoter?
  • Which type of company can invite subscription from the public?
  • Which type of company can start business after receiving the certificate of incorporation?
  • A business house is owned by six persons. How will you know as to whether it is partnership business or a private limited company?
  • A cooperative society has been formed with ten members. Why can it not be called a partnership business?
  • What is the main difference between a public limited company and a public enterprise?
  • What is warehousing?
  • When should an insurance company reinsure the subject matter?

Group – B

3. Write short notes on any six of the following.

  • Difference between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
  • Characteristics of a joint stock company.
  • Difference between fire insurance and marine insurance.
  • Functions of a warehouse.
  • A chart showing different types of trade.
  • Disadvantages of Joint Stock Company.
  • A comparative study of water and air transport.
  • Services rendered by a wholesaler.

Group – C


Answer any four of the following question:

4. Business Organisation is a study of business activities. Justify.

5. Describe the steps which are taken at the time of forming a joint stock company.

6. Enumerate the differences between a sole trading concern and a partnership business.


7. Discuss the nature and importance of foreign trade.

8. Mention the differences between a wholesale trade and a retail trade.

9. What is a Partnership Deed? Discuss its contents

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